Time Management – Prioritizing Daily Sales Activities

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The chart above is a simple, yet effective, tool designed to enhance time management and prioritize daily activities of sales professionals.  While this tool is most effective in transactional environments, it can also be modified to fit most complex business to business revenue-cycles as well.

How the tool works

Put yourself in a position to win

“Put yourself in a position to win”.  This is the overall theme of the tool.  The sales person must spend the majority of their daily sales efforts in front of customers and prospects who can make purchasing decisions.  A concentrated effort working only on customer related tasks will increase sales.  This focused effort on revenue producing tasks is the essence of “putting yourself in a position to win”.

Work each day from left to right

Place all current prospects and customers under the following categories:

Today:  Prospects that can sign a contract today

Tomorrow: Prospects that can sign a contract tomorrow

Next week: Prospects that can sign a contract next week

Next month: Prospects that can sign a contract next month

Suspects:  Organizations that may have a need for the product and/or services being sold

Start each day working the prospects in the today column.  When the tasks are complete for the today column, move one column to the right.  Continue this process, from left to right finally reaching the suspect column.

Pull prospects from right to left

Move prospects from right to left, into the appropriate column, as tasks are successfully completed.  If a task cannot be completely successfully, the prospect is either held in the current column or removed all together.  The sales person must make a realistic assessment of the prospect and their likelihood of converting to a revenue producing customer.  Eject prospects from the tool that have a low likelihood of converting into a sale.

Benefits of the tool

  • Each day starts with sales efforts focused on the prospects with the highest probability of generating revenue.  Starting each day focused on high probability prospects usually results in higher close ratios.
  • Each day will have significant early stage prospecting  activities ensuring a robust pipeline.  Most pipelines have few prospects in the today and tomorrow categories.  Therefore, the sales person will work through these categories very early in the selling day. The sales person, consequently, will be spending significant time each day working prospects in the next month and suspect categories.  This ensures quality pipeline development.
  • The tool will help reduce the “peaks and valleys”  most sales people experience.  Because this tool places a premium on prospecting, the pipeline is typically balanced across all categories.  A balanced pipeline helps eliminates peaks and valleys in sales performance.

Naturally, discipline is crucial in effectively utilizing this tool.  To garner maximum results, the sales person must use this tool with discipline each and every day.

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