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When I think back on the four homes that I have purchased in my married life, the first one was the best. Sonia and I had only been married a year and the apartment we were living in did not seem worth the money we were paying in rent. I was selling copiers for Xerox and she was a public school teacher and a few people thought we were crazy to jump into home ownership. They pointed out the costs that come with owning a home, the stress of upkeep, yard work, etc. We did it anyway. It was not the first time that we bought when the market was high and sold after it dropped. It was still one of the best financial decisions we ever made.

We did not have many possessions to our name at the time, which made it possible to move in on January 29th and have a New Year’s Eve party on the 31st…and that is when our house became our home. Your first home purchase is an emotional experience, right up there with first kisses and the first time on an airplane. People go into their first home purchase with a long list of must-haves and wants, and often end up with something that has enough of those to make it feel right. We lived in that home for 5 years. We packed a lot of memories into that home, including the birth of our twins. My wife bawled her eyes out when we moved out of that home, even though the home we were moving into was twice the size and actually had air conditioning. Every time we drive through Whittier, when we are visiting California relatives, we drive by our first house and remember.

When purchasing a home, there is a moment, after going through more properties than you can imagine, that you just know. You have your checklist, your have your reason for the desired neighborhood…but whatever it is, you walk through a house and you can imagine living there. That is when you get invested in moving there.

At that moment, it is very important to have people in your corner who have your back. You definitely want the support of family and friends, but you also need a good real estate agent and a lender with integrity, who will get you a deal that compliments your earnings, your lifestyle and your future financial goals. It is not the time to only rely on the opinions of people who might be allowing their own experience to influence their thoughts about your purchase.

If you are looking into purchasing your first home, and you want a lender who understands both the stress that comes with that purchase and the financial gain that it can bring…give me a call. I offer a loan process that protects your money and your future goals.

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