Kelly Weaver Photography – Great Local Business

It has been a while since I put up a post on local businesses that are great at their craft.  I have been busy in this crazy mortgage and financial market.  I suppose being busy is not a bad thing. I had the pleasure of working with Kelly at Kelly Weaver …

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Two Way Crossing – Great Local Band on the National Scene


We have some good friends, Blake & Jenny Marvin, who just came off a long summer tour with their band Two Way Crossing – us groupies like to call them TWC.  Sonia even purchased a cool TWC t-shirt at a tour stop earlier this year.

12345Blake and Jenny moved to Nashville a year or so ago to make a go of the music business.  We have been following along with the tour via Face Book.  They also have a You Tube channel you should check out.  It is a blast watching good friends reap the rewards of hard tireless work.  They are chasing a dream and it has become reality.   My daughters have already told me that TWC is playing at their weddings – not TWC’s dream but it is my daughters.   This of course confuses me because my daughters are seniors in high school – did I miss something along the way?

Anyway, I have intended to put more content in this blog lifting up local business and friends who are making our community interesting and unique.  While the Marvin’s moved from our city and now live in Nashville their roots are in Colorado.   They are bringing us all some great music to enjoy.

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Be Our Guest Travel Company – Laura Ham

Our good friend Laura Ham works at one of the coolest local business’s that I know – Be Our Guest Travel Company.  Laura is an expert on all things Disney – no seriously she is.  She is a Concierge Disney Travel Agent. If you are planning a Disney vacation for …

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Restaurants We Love

It is about time that I add something beyond sales management and the mortgage industry to this blog.  I am told that I might be a little anal and sometimes I get a little narrow in my focus.  While that might not be a bad quality in a consultant and loan originator, it could possibly make for some dry reading.

Anyway, I was working out this morning and began thinking about some of the restaurants that my wife and I visit here in Colorado.  One of our favorite things to do is visit new and interesting restaurants.  Some of our friends have called us foodies.  So, from time to time, I am going to share some of the restaurants we enjoy.

I am not a food critic.  I have no interest in bashing restaurants and the owners who have their livelihood invested in a really tough business.  Be forewarned, if a restaurant shows up in my blog, it is a family favorite.  It is also quite possible that Sonia and my dining tastes are a bit pedestrian.  Alas, here we go:

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4 Million Cookies & Counting

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Boulder Baked – 4 Million Cookies & Counting

Boulder Baked is a family owned business with a wonderful story.  The owner, Jim Comstock, is a close friend and I have had the pleasure to watch his business grow over the past several years. Throughout my career, I have connected with many gifted entrepreneurs – Jim is certainly one of them.  And in the past several weeks, I have found myself thinking about these people and what makes them so successful.

I have always loved Boulder Baked and the delicious cookies and cakes they deliver fresh door to door in the greater Boulder community.  I think Jim has started shipping cookies to the continental United States as well.  Honestly, the cookies are great.  But, I have had great cookies from a lot of family recipes.  So the other day, I was thinking about what makes Jim and his company different. Why is Boulder Baked so successful?  Why are their cookies, cakes, soups, and sandwiches just a bit better than the rest?

Certainly, it is their recipes, quality ingredients, and passion for customer service that makes Boulder Baked different.  If they did not deliver a high level of quality, the company would fail.  But, I suppose most of us can figure out, with enough time, how to combine flour, sugar, eggs, and chocolate to make a dozen cookies that taste great.

The difference is this – Jim figured out how to make 4 million wonderfully delicious  cookies and cakes, in many varieties, arrive fresh at your door.

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